What's your name?
Emi, short for Emily. Long for Em.

What nationality are you?
Australian/British. Whoever is winning!

Where have you lived?
Devon (birthplace), Perth, Sydney, Alice Springs, Papua New Guinea, London, Berlin and on a narrowboat in Wiltshire.

Where's home?
I have never had a permanent home so I've learnt to make home wherever I lay my hat. My hat is lying in London for now.

Why music?
Without music I would just feel things, write them down and keep them to myself. With music I can turn any emotion into something beautiful. Something that may even go on to play companion to another person feeling a similar thing. It's incredibly powerful stuff... Music is what separates us from animals.

Who are your favourite artists?
I have so many, but the artists that inspire me are the great storytellers. Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Dusty Springfield, Leonard Cohen, Tracy Chapman, Nina Simone, Kate Bush, Janis Joplin, the list goes on.

What's your favourite quote?
I have two! "Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art." (Stanislavski). I also met an American saxophonist in a studio in Berlin and he said to me something I'll never forget... "The thing is Emi... you gotta learn to play 85 notes real good. Only then will you know how to pick the right three... and then you'll play 'em in just the right order and at just the right time. And then you'll make the world cry."

How has your artist project come about?

I had been struggling to find a sound and niche for myself as an artist for many years and I eventually came to the conclusion that, above all, I just wanted to do music. I honestly didn't care how. So I got me a publishing deal and started working as a songwriter for other artists.

Suddenly the world was my oyster! I was travelling the world and collaborating with an incredible calibre of writers and producers. I was saying yes to everything and making music in every genre imaginable, trying each sound on for size and taking myself to the absolute edges of my capabilities and tastes as a musician. Inevitably, and without knowing it, in helping others I found myself.

2 years on, I realised I had created a sound that was unique to me and I had 2 albums worth of material I was proud of sitting on my laptop with my name on it. And then I got that burning feeling all over again and I knew I was ready to be the messenger once more… (I continue to write with and for other artists though and I hope to do so as long as I live.)

Who has helped you write and record your album?

So many brilliant writers have offered their time to my project including Jon Kelly (Kate Bush), John Fortis (Ellie Goulding), Tim Gordine (Matt Corby) and Ali Chant (K.T Tunstall) to name just a few. David Dawood, a writing partner of mine in the pop/urban world, has recently come on board to help me produce and tie the project together as a body of work. The result has been a really exciting mix of his fresh/contemporary sound and the very 'human' core of the original demos. I literally can not wait to get them out there.

If you would like to hear more demos from her album in progress or have any other enquiries, please contact Emi direct at emi@emigreenonline.com